If you are stuck in your life , has a feeling of emptiness , scared to take that next step, have challenges in your relationships , same thoughts again and again , you feel you know the solutions but still not able to take those steps - Be it in your personal life or professional life and you are an expat trying to make a life in a new country and its daunting and  .....many more such things..... If any of this sounds like you.

Lets find out what your limits are and start you to take the path towards your freedom. 

Book the discovery call.

Discovery call , 1 Hour

During this call we will figure out: To understand where are you stuck in your life. How can I help you.

‚ÄčIf I am the right coach to forward you in your journey. We will also discuss the total number of sessions that we should have. How we will collaborate- Operational details.

This is a FREE call with no strings attached discussion.

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Sessions towards the freedom

These are regular session that we will agree on after the discovery call.

The sessions can be a fixed number depending on the requirement. The agreement of which will be made during the discovery call.