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Welcome to QYL (Question Your Limits!)

I'm Niharika, and my journey has been shaped by humble beginnings in India. Coming from a family where education held paramount importance, with my father associated with the prestigious institute IIM and my mother serving as a school principal, I learned the value of knowledge early on. Growing up with an elder sister settled in the UK, my childhood was marked by a keen fascination with human behaviour.

From a young age, I observed people, questioning why they act the way they do in various situations. I became adept at understanding and challenging stereotypes, cultivating a caring and observant nature. Though I was initially reserved, my journey led me to evolve into a more expressive individual.

Believing in the uniqueness of everyone's talent, I embarked on conversations with people from diverse backgrounds, seeking to understand their stories and uncover their exceptional abilities. Marriage , motherhood and mundane life brought about a darker period in my life—filled with irritation, self-doubt, dissatisfaction, and physical ailments.

My quest for happiness led me to explore self-help books and motivational videos, but I found myself trapped in my own thoughts. Recognizing the need for change, I began my therapeutic journey over a decade ago. Now, having emerged stronger and more self-aware, I am here to share my experiences and support those facing similar emotional challenges.

Life, to me, is not about chasing happiness; it's about seeking peace. My philosophy revolves around guiding individuals through their unique journeys, helping them navigate the complexities of life. I am dedicated to empowering others to overcome their struggles, just as I have.

If you're ready to embark on a transformative journey towards peace and self-discovery, I invite you to join me. Together, we can navigate the challenges and ensure everyone gets a chance to live a fulfilling life.

Let's start this empowering journey together!

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My Small Family

I'm currently residing in the Netherlands with my wonderful family—my husband and daughter. Beyond coaching, my heart beats for sustainability, a passion that has given my life a renewed sense of purpose. The intricate beauty of this subject fascinates me, making it even more compelling.

In my moments of leisure, I immerse myself in the joy of creation. Whether it's crafting, bringing things to life, singing, or exploring culinary delights in the kitchen, I find fulfilment in every creative endeavour. 

Join me on this journey of self-discovery, empowerment, and sustainable living.

 Let's unlock your potential and create a harmonious balance in your life!

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