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Do you think you have no way out?

Yes you do !! and I can help you find out how.

Does below emotions feel familiar to you?

In all the above circumstances our brain is working in 'Autopilot mode'. In this mode  brain tries to keep itself in  known situations and habits. Because known situations helps our brain to save energy on activities. 

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The limits set by your brain makes you believe that you are not good enough to achieve your gaols. When you operate from those limiting beliefs , they start to define you, who you are , what your true potential is , what you can or can not do. When these limits contrast with your value system, it results in stress & self doubt.

 As a matter of fact you possess immense potential, though you do not have an active realization and hence you remain in "I can not mode". 

 The next time your thoughts take you into a non productive cycle, try these steps. 

​1) Write down the challenge you are facing and the reason why you think you can not achieve your desired outcome. Do not overthink ....write whatever comes to your mind. Remember , there is no wrong answer.

Ex: I should not start my business - I will fail

2) Write down the facts that you know about the reasons identified in step 1. 

Ex: 'I will fail' because I have never done such a thing in my life and success rate of such business is only 20%

​3) ​Examine the facts one by one , identified in step 2 and find out the activities that you can influence and is in your control. Be as specific as possible.  

Ex:  I have never done such a thing in my life - Find the gap in my skills between what is needed and what I have. 

Success rate is not in my control. Leave it.

​4) ​Take action on the ones that are in your control. For each point identified in step 2 , make them as specific as you can be. 

Ex: Find educational trainings, certifications , coaches that can help fix the gap in my skill set and get started with those.

​5) Take actions The ones that you find in your control , take actions.

Ex: Learn the techniques of marketing etc.


​Repeat the above steps till you are out of anxiety , fear , stagnation  and "I CAN NOT" mode. 

Above is one indicative example, this will vary based on individuals. 

Creating new habits require focused efforts.​Let me help you rewire your brain and change "I can not" ​to "I can" ? Are you ready to QYL?    

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Who am I?

​I  am Niharika , lovingly called 'Niha'. I am a International Coaching Foundation (ICF) certified coach.

I embarked upon my journey of self-awareness and discovery  over a decade ago. During this time, I've witnessed profound positive​changes in my life, experiencing first hand the transformative impact of coaching and mentoring. 

​Now I'm passionate about extending my learnings to elevate others as I firmly believe in inherent uniqueness and potential within each of us. We all possess the answers within but sometimes we require a supportive guide to navigate through life's challenges. 

I have been helping people informally for last couple of years, now I am ready to take it to the next level. 

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